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you know the drill. july has been quite a month. today a little break. your day planner calling for sunshine. air quality is code yellow which is moderate. that's good news. upper 80s by noon. 92 at 5:00. lower humidity is going to feel better and temperature right now, 77 with some humidity still out there. big time showers and storms yesterday. anywhere from a third of an inch to an inch and a half depending on where you were. you also notice overnight, clear skies. with the clear skies, the ground is a little bit moist for some of the showers and storms yesterday. fog has developed. visibility a half-mile in frederick. 3/4 in westminster. visibilities out toward culpepper at 3/4. quarter mile in oakland. patchy dense fog in spots. we're doing ok in town with visibility of 7 miles. temperatures in the 70s. gaithersburg and lovetsville in
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the upper 60s. highs today mostly in the low 90s. let's go over to angie with the latest timesaver traffic. >> hope everybody is off to a terrific tuesday. right now, so far, so good out there. green light stays on. looks like the construction across the area started to clear out of here. let's take a closer look at your outer loop. we move it outside. it looks like from route one college park all the way to georgia avenue. tracking these headlights. they're all moving at speed. let's move it back over to the maps. this time, our focus will be on interstate 270 tracking the southbound trip. so far, no problems to report from 109 past father hurley. continuing toward germantown road over to the split. 66 drivers in the green from fairfax over to the capital beltway. it looks like the dulles toll road is moving at a great pace. no problems to report via the inner loop to 267. we're tracking the bw parkway. mike and surae, that's coming up at 5:09. >> we're exactly one week away
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from our government defaulting unless congress and the white house can reach a compromise. >> both president obama and house speaker boehner held dueling prime time news conferences last night. the president spoke at the white house, speaker boehner was on capitol hill. and that's where we find kristin fisher who joins us live now. kristin, it seems we're still at a stalemate a week out. >> yeah, exactly. you do not want to be at a stalemate with one week to go until this deadline. you know, i think one of the most alarming things about listening to these two men talk was the fact they did not seem any closer to reaching an agreement even after weeks of debate. i think as one cnn analyst put it, it is kind of like the quick equivalent of the bay of pigs, a political game of chicken. let's listen to president obama first and then house speaker boehner. >> history is scattered with the stories of those who helped fast to rigid ideologies.
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those are not the americans we remember. we remember the americans who put country above self and set personal grievances aside for the greater good. we remember the americans who held this country together during its most difficult hours who put aside pride and party to form a more perfect union. >> i want you to know i made a sincere effort to work with the president to identify a path forward that will implement the principles of cut, cap and balance that would secure bipartisan support and be signed into law. i'll tell you, i gave it my all. unfortunately, the president would not take yes for an answer even when we thought we might be close to an agreement, the president's demands changed. >> so, now you have president obama really trying to ratchet up the pressure on republicans, specifically house republicans. he's reaching out drl to the american people. specifically, he's telling them
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to go ahead and contact their congressional representatives. he wants them to be the ones to really put the pressure on republicans to get this deal done. now, president obama made these remarks in his speech last night. and we'll hear those exact remarks and speaker boehner's response coming up in half an hour at 5:30. mike, surae? >> this is far from the first time the debt ceiling has ever been raised, right? this has happened over history many times. >> in fact, president obama mentioned that multiple times in his speech last night. he mentioned that president ronald reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times. george w. bush, seven times. he mentioned that this is something that every single president does. the only difference this time is that we just got a week to go until the deadline. that's what makes this so extraordinary. back to you. >> kristen is live on capitol hill. we'll talk to you the next half hour. >> family members reunited with a missing infant on monday.
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>> come here. >> police found 7-month-old birch yesterday morning in northeast d.c. he was then reunited with his mother and other relatives you saw right there. the baby was found with his sitter, 16-year-old janay boozer near 48th street and boroughs avenue at a bus stop. the pair disappear from the baltimore friday night. police are releasing few other details because of the baby- sitter's age. the man prosecutors call the east coast rapist may be connected to another attack in maryland. greenville police have linked dna from aaron thomas to a 1999 rape in the city. they say more testing still needs to be done on this case but dna has linked thomas to attacks in 17 other cases. women from virginia all the way to connecticut. >> a former d.c. police officer caught in an internal sting has been sentenced to seven months in prison. jennifer green resigned from the police department as part
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of her plea agreement when she admitted to acting as a lookout during a burglary. green was arrested after plotting, carrying out and splitting the money from an apartment robbery back in march. a string of suspicious fires in frederick is getting the attention of the maryland state fire marshal's office. now, they're investigating, the latest happened sunday morning. elizabeth and arthur slade said they nearly died escaping the flames from their house as their carport exploded. 30 minutes later, firefighters rushed to another house a few blocks away where there was another fire. that home did not sustain serious damage. authorities are still investigating three suspicious fires from march and another one from late last year. time for the latest "your money" report. >> jessica is here with the beat on wall street. >> that's right. wall street getting a little twitchy over that debt ceiling deadline. very nervous. it is drawing closer. that deadline that contributed to the climbs yesterday. now, the international monetary
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fund is warning the u.s. it must act quickly for the sake of the global economy. if an agreement is not reached by august 2nd, the u.s. won't have enough noun pay all of its bills. that could have a significant impact on the global financial markets. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 12,592. finished the day down 88 points in trading. nasdaq off by 16. s&p 500 down by 7. after the closing bell, netflix said profits jumped 55% last quarter as it added more subscribers, the online video rental company is warning it will add customers at a slower pace this quarter. the reason why there, a recent 60% price increase. shares of netflix dropped 8% ahead of the opening bell this morning on the news. >> americans worry about their own debts are on the rise. a new ap poll shows nearly half of the countries feeling the stress of credit cards, mortgages and other personal debts less than a year ago, the poll showed americans were becoming more confident about
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their personal finances and of course the issue that looms large here is the job market. we're not seeing any improvements on that front. >> what's coming up next? >> a move by the airlines that will get your personal blood boiling, mike. >> i wonder if it has to do with fees. >> we'll talk about that. >> all right. congress faces a different kind of august 2nd deadline. we'll explain coming up. >> a bunch of new studies are released telling how americans are coping ten years after the 9-11 attacks. >> sports is one way many people like to escape world affairs and now there will be football this fall to help you do that. more on that coming up. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments.
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we've got patchy fog north andest in of town. some visibilities are less than a mile. the rest of us are still a little bit muggy this morning. as we look at the day planner, good news. we'll be sunny today. it is going to be hot but becoming less humid. upper 80s by noon. low 90s for highs this afternoon. low humidity with us again on wednesday. angie, your turn. >> all right. thank you, hb. we're taking a look at the baltimore washington parkway in maryland. everything is nice and clear here from laurel down past powder mill. still ahead, more roads that matter to you early on this tuesday. i'll have that at 5:17. back to you. making news now at 5:10, the suspect in friday's norway terror attacks may be changing his story. after first saying he acted alone, police say anders breivik has since hinted he may have communicated with two cells of extremists. meanwhile, authorities revise the death toll from the island
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shootings down from 86 to 68. as we approach the tenth anniversary of 9-11, the american psychological society is out with the effects of terror attacks. many relatives and first responders are suffering from post-traumatic disorder. the attacks may have altered children's general beliefs about the whole world. the house has voted to authorize fbi director robert mueller for his job up to two more years. president obama must send it on for a nomination. pressure is mounting on a member of the d.c. city council to resign. we'll have more on the latest developments surrounding harry thomas. >> at 5:2 2, the run-down on when the redskin will start their preseason practices now that the nfl lockout is over. that's next at 5:14. howard's seven-day forecast has a return to the hot and muggy.
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>> we were saying how much we love howie. >> howard loves that time machine movie. >> it is a good movie.
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>> we need an aversion from this heat. >> weatherwise, after rock of ages. another topic. >> i knew you were going to bring that up at some point. >> sure, why not. >> some spots are dealing with patchy dense fog this morning. overall, the trend a good one. with lower humidity levels. still on the warm side. let's go over to the graphics. talk about the day planner because sunshine is 79 at 8:00. still quite warm in the upper 80s. not as sticky as it has been with the west-northwest at 20 miles per hour. temperatures by 8:00 in the upper 80s still. very warm evening. but a great day to go to the pool or play a round of golf or if you like to work outside, you'll be able to do it the next couple of days without too many problems. visibility up to 2 miles. that's already improving.
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a mile in gaithersburg. petersburg, west virginia, about the worst. culpepper and out toward stanton, 3/4 of a mile. in town visibility at 7 miles. the moisture left over from the thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and last night. everything is swept out to sea. you'll notice to the north and west, skies have cleared rather nicely. we've even got 60s on the map from pittsburgh to cumberland. even gaithersburg. we're still well up in the 70s along with much of the east coast. temperatures in the mid-70s here. 77 officially at reagan national. partly cloudy skies. a west-northwest wind at 7 and the barometer is now rising 29.76. the dew point still kind of high at 73. we want this thing down in the 60s or even 50s. that's the time of year when the air gets delightful. the front is coming through. we're looking at some showers. this is a little bit slow to sweep out of here. you've got the idea. the trend about 5:00. lots of sunshine.
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isolated shower in the mountains. then tonight is quiet. we get into wednesday morning, the drier air is in place. wednesday, a real fine day. i think temperatures tomorrow only around 90 for a high. with the drier air around, it will feel real good. as we head toward thursday, front starts to work its way back toward us with more heat, more humidity. isolated storms can't be ruled out here on thursday. then friday, friday it could be 100 before the week is out. let's enjoy what we've got while we've got it. today, low 90s with less humid conditions. same story tomorrow. we'll see 60s and low 70s tonight. with wednesday's high around 90 after being 93. thursday, 96. slight chance of a storm thursday. friday also features a slight chance of a storm but very hot around 100. saturday and sunday, couple of storms this weekend. temperatures generally in the low to mid-90s. it is now time for angie goff. she's got the latest timesaver traffic. >> hey, i've been tracking the
5:18 am
roads all morning long. i'm happy to report we're going to keep that green light on. overall, not too much going on outside. let's begin with a closer look at 95 in virginia. we take you there. if you're make the northbound trip, we're starting to see volume already building between the prince william parkway over to 123. keeping things moving, we take you next over to 66. hey, eastbound drivers, you're doing ok out of centreville. outside, according to the cameras from fairfax to inside the beltway, got our lanes wide open. we begin with maryland's outer loop from 95 over to 270. still in the green moving nicely here about a 10 minute drive time. 95 on the bw parkway checking out at speed. the inner loop, no complaints from route 4 pennsylvania over to the wilson bridge. still ahead, we're taking a look at 395 in virginia. that's coming up at 5:24. over to you. here's what we're talking about. let the training camps begin. more on when the redskins will start practicing next in sports. >> so excited about the nfl. plus, some local washington
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fans relive the team's glory with the hog ets. >> before we head to break, let's take a look at the question of the morning. >> what is the most common use for a cell phone? is it... >> ok, here's a look at a response you posted on wusa9 facebook fan page. sam mcneil wrote b, check the time. i do it more frequently than i send a text or use the internet. >> leave a response at and we'll answer the survey question later this morning. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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5:22. we'ring good this morning. a little fog. that fog, sun is up after 6:00 a.m. by 7:00, 7:30, most of that will be history. 81 degrees by 9:00. then this afternoon, going to be nice. sunshine. temperatures in the upper 80s to mid-80s for the shenandoah valley. 87 at pax river. this afternoon, temperatures get into the lower 90s. a good deal of sunshine, finally a break from the humidity. mike and surae? >> free agency is underway in training camps -- and training camps start later this week. >> that's thanks to the nfl reps approving the labor deal.
5:23 am
brett haber has details in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it was the longest work stoppage in nfl history. but ten years from now, will anyone remember it happened? perhaps not because this time around, they didn't miss any games. that's because if there's anything players and owners like less than caving in negotiation, it is losing a paycheck and the two sides avoided that on monday. the player reps from all 32 teams voting to unanimously approve the new cba and end the lockout. it offers financial concessions to the owners while reducing practice time for the players and providing greater benefits to them in their retirement plus the deal is ten years firm. guaranteeing a decade of nfl labor peace. >> everybody works hard. everybody had a passion. everybody believes in this game of football. and what we can do to make our game better. i think it will make our game better. >> we've been able to have an agreement that will allow this sport to flourish over the next decade and we've done that in a way that you need among the
5:24 am
major sports. >> as for the redskins, players allowed in the building this morning. teams can start signing free agents and making trades. training camp will start on thursday. full contact practices will begin on saturday. that's a quick look at sports this morning. full coverage of the doors opening at redskins park at 5:00 p.m. until then, i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday. >> some season redskins fans relive the team's glory years yesterday. >> a couple of the hog ets wearing their costumes showed up at green spring retirement community. they were joined by former washington cornerback pat fisher. fisher remembers the day when the nfl game was much lower scoring. >> it was a game of -- 14-7 was good game. now it is 40-20 is a good game. so, as a defensive player, i
5:25 am
would rather emphasize the defense rather than the offense. >> of course. >> fisher played cornerback from 1968 through 1977 when the redskins went to their first super bowl and was named one of the greatest redskins of all- time. the representatives shared their experiences and signed autographs for the residents. >> the debt ceiling deadline is one week from today. it doesn't sound like the two are any closer to a deal. a live report is coming up. >> plus if you're willing to use a lot of frequent flier mileage, you could go see the world's youngest giant panda. angie? >> 395 is moving well past the beltway, past duke street. continuing on toward the pentagon. still ahead, a look at the drive up at 5:29. keep it here on 9news now. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
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welcome back, everybody. i'm surae chinn.
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andrea roane is off today. >> i'm mike hydeck. we're approaching 5:30. angie will have traffic in just a moment. mr. howard bernstein, how are you? >> i'm struggling. i gotta admit. >> it is tuesday. >> i feel like we're pushing the rock up the hill. >> it is because you played racquetball all day yesterday. >> it was fun. it was worth it. >> he told me he was an animal. >> yeah. >> it was good. >> deny it. >> i was in the zone. i'm not denying it. i was in the zone. >> i'm never talking to angie again. let's get you going weatherwise. >> you animal! >> weatherwise, we've got temperatures climbing into the 90s. humidity levels will be dropping. sun will be out. so, hey, mother nature will be in the zone this afternoon. in spite of the heat, it will feel so much better than it has. we needed the rain. these were really coming down with heavy downpours but the
5:30 am
moisture left over. that's created a little bit of fog this morning. getting better though, petersburg at a quarter mile. everybody else, slowly rise now. 1 1/4, tappahannock, their visibility at 3/4. look at the temperatures this morning, we do have a few 60s on the board in the northern shenandoah valley. we're still 77 and a little sticky out there. angie goff stepping in with an animalistic look at timesaver traffic. >> overall, everything is doing ok. thank you so much, howard. the green light stays on. we'll take you over to our maps and take a closer look at the d.c. drive here. moving it outside, whitehurst freeway at 27th street, nice and quiet at 16th and u street. then finally, pennsylvania avenue and 8th street, no problems to report. real quick, want to let you know our trains are running on time. no issues or delays to report. gw parkway, we're tracking it next in my next timesaver traffic at 5:39. surae and mike, over to you.
5:31 am
this morning, 11 people are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> montgomery county firefighters went to an apartment building on first street in rockville around 2:00 a.m. 11 people showing symptoms were sent to area hospitals that have hyperbarrack chambers as a precaution. none is considered to have critical injuries. they isolated a malfunctioning hot water heater which they believe is the source of the carbon monoxide. >> d.c.'s department of public works is looking into an incident where a woman's car was towed while she was in a coma. monique jenkins said during the eight week hospital stay, the city booted, towed and auctioned off her car over one unpaid speeding ticket. they say jenkins had three unpaid tickets. >> dueling news conferences from top leaders in the u.s. going head to head over the debt ceiling. president obama spoke to the nation last night about the need for a compromise while house speaker john boehner
5:32 am
accused the president that he authorize a blank check for more spending. kristen fisher is live on capitol hill with more on the grudge match. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning, mike. president obama and speaker boehner gave very partisan speeches last night. you got a real sense neither side is anywhere closer to reaching a deal. so with one week to go until the fault, president obama appealed directly to the american people. >> the american people may have voted for divided got government but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government. i'm asking you all to make your voice heard. if you want a balanced approach, let your member of congress know. >> the sad tuit is the president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> the only thing that these two sides seem to be able to agree on is the country cannot
5:33 am
default. how do they make that happen? well, two new plans were introduced yesterday. one by senate majority leader harry reid. the other by speaker boehner. the president has backed reid's plan but he also, at the compact same time admitted it stood very little chance of passing in the house. as the president said, this is a dangerous we've never played before and we cannot, as a country, afford to play it. >> unfortunately, they're going to continue it that way. >> a detention hearing is scheduled for this afternoon for a man accused of spying for pakistan. 62-year-old is a u.s. sit gland lives in fairfax, virginia. prosecutors say he worked as an unregistered agent for pakistan's spy agency, trying to influence congress, the white house and the state department toward favoring pro pakistani policy. federal agents arrested him a week ago. 9news now has learned harry
5:34 am
thomas met with his legal team on monday and there have been discussions on how thomas should respond to mounting calls for his resignation. kwame brown issued a statement that shopped just short of asking thomas to step down. last week, without admitting wrongdoing, thomas agreed to repay $300,000 that the d.c. attorney general says thomas converted to personal use. those taxpayer and charitable dollars were intended for youth baseball programs. it is time for another "your money" report. >> jessica is back. >> don't sound so upset. >> every time she talks airlines, i wristel a little bit. >> let's say uncle sam says to you you don't have to pay your taxes. you get a pass from the i.r.s. that would be nice. that's exactly what's happening to the airline industry because of the deputy over the faa.
5:35 am
you would think all of the extra money might decide to give a break to your travelers. nope, nope, nope. tacks usually amount to about $60 per passenger on a domestic flight. many airlines raised prices so they can pocket the temporary windfall. among the few that are passing on the savings that are travelers, alaska, spirit, hawaiian. we can go to hawaii and frontier airlines. there were some hopes that a couple of border's stores could stay in business and those hopes appear to be dashed. books a million has failed to buy the stores. going out of business sales have already started about a week ago. borders won a court's approval to liquidate around 400 stores. we know it is hot. did you know, you do not have to suffer through this heat alone. if you meet certain income rermts, you may qualify for a
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fre air-conditioner, refrigerator. dial 311 then make an appointment to see the folks at the city's department of the environment. ask for the energy assistance appliance replacement program. >> thanks, jess. well, the stork didn't bless the national zoo's giant pan gas a cub but a female giant panda in china did give birth this weekend. officials released this video of lily. the cub weighed just about five ounces. who is considered old for a panda mother, lily is. she underwent artificial insemination back in march. the largest giant breeding facility with a total of 97 animals there. >> ok, the casey anthony trial prompts local pushes to hold parents more accountable for their children's whereabouts. plus, it is a weird contraption that looks like one of those concept cars but it is entirely different. it is coming to d.c., too.
5:37 am
it is pretty cool.
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5:39 am
with highs in the 90s and lower humidity levels, that's a step in the right direction. >> thank you, howard. all is a go right now traveling the george washington parkway here making the southbound trip from the beltway all the way down to the key bridge. a check on your maryland roads up at 5:47. now back to you. we'll see you then. the casey anthony trial has inspired a number of laws across the country in honor of her deceased daughter. >> caylee's law would make it a felony if a parent fails to report a missing child within
5:40 am
24 hours of their disappearance. 31 states including virginia and maryland are among considering adopting caylee's law. reaction is mixed. >> what we've learned from this case, there should be more attention focused in that area. some kids may have trouble in the household and they may take off routinely for a day or two. so, when that happens, you know, are the parents going to be penalized for not reporting their kids are gone. >> i think it is a little extreme to consider it a felony. >> well, the idea for the law began on the web site so far, more than one million people from all across the country have signed up in support of such a law. >> 77 degrees at 5:40. we're getting a little break from the humidity. howard tells us when the muggies are coming back. >> whether your local post office could be on the chopping block in an effort to save
5:41 am
money. >> birthday time now, let's see who's celebrating today. mick jagger turns 68. oscar winning actress helen mirren is 66. champion american figure skater dorothy hammel turns 55 today. kevin spacey is 52. >> another recent oscar winning actress, arlington, virginia, native sandra bullock is 47. entourage actor jeremy piven is 56. kate beckinsale is 38. and taylor munson turns 18. a lot of birthdays, if you're one of them, happy birthday.
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5:44 am
welcome back, everybody. 5:44 is your time. we're feeling a little cooler. got caught in the rain though yesterday, yeah? >> should have an umbrella.
5:45 am
>> got out of the grocery store, rain. go to the dentist, come out, rain. pouring. >> the grass is very happy though. today, you will not get caught in the rain. >> good deal. >> you will not get caught in the rain tomorrow or thursday. we'll be hard-pressed to get much in the way of rain. >> i told you it was going to rain! pay attention! my goodness. weatherwise, you still didn't know. we've got temperatures -- >> another one. >> in the 70s this morning. >> down in the 70s this morning and even a few 60s. as we head through the morning, upper 80s by noon. winds north to northwesterly, 5, 8, 10 miles per hour. this afternoon, we'll try to turn southwesterly with a temperature of 92 at 5:00. that's hot. but the humidity levels will be down. it will feel a lot better than it has been. one of the reasons the humidity levels are done. fronts are coming through. storms have pushed away here. a secondary front will come through later. that will try to drop the
5:46 am
humidity levels. they're still on the high side this morning. 73 at pax river. 77 over at georgetown, delaware. 75 in winchester. we do see some 60s though to our north from hagerstown to cumberland. even closer in, lovetsville is 68 right now. leesville is 73. gaithersburg up to 70. 73 for bother belvoir. andrews air force base. baden, 74. in columbia this morning, we've got 73 degrees. as i said, national, 77 with a dew point still in the 70s. in spite of the west northwesterly winds trying to bring the drier air in, it hasn't happened yet. but it is going to happen all thanks to a storm system which is spinning in ontario. counterclockwise here, helping to produce showers or storms out of michigan, ontario headed to new york. for us though, it is trying to bring in drier air from michigan, wisconsin and ohio. that will filter in for later today. for tonight and tomorrow. as that front continues to sweep south and east away from
5:47 am
us. slight chance of a shower in the mountains. better chance pennsylvania and new york as we go through the afternoon. tonight is going to be quiet night. tomorrow, we start with sunshine. we finish with sunshine. a great looking wednesday around here with the drier air in place. that will be the case tomorrow but by thursday and friday, the heat will start to build back. here's a look at the next three days. today, 93 degrees. less humid today and tomorrow. tonight, 60s and 70s. a comfortable 90. a hot, little bit more humid. slight chance of an afternoon storm. friday also slight chance of a storm. look at that. 100 degrees on the map. saturday and sunday, chance of afternoon storms, highs in the low to mid-90s. let's get a traffic update. here's angie who is not happy about the heat. >> can't escape it. 13 minutes away from the start of the 6:00 hour. green light stays on. interstate 270, where we're noticing things outside. already starting to slow down
5:48 am
from route 80 down past this point at 109. look detail lights just backing up. moving over to the maps again, this time our focus will shift toward the prince george's county area. a closer look at 301, route 5 branch avenue. route 4 pennsylvania. the brandywine clinton area, everyone checking out all clear. just your typical volume. over to the travel times we go. 66 drivers, nothing in the way from fairfax to the beltway, a 10 minute commute time. eastbound 267 is doing just fine approaching the beltway. speaking of the beltway, no problems to report. from 395 up to the toll road about a 13-minute drive. still ahead, a check on traffic around the region. that's going to start off the 6:00 hour. back to you. thank you, angie. >> today, family and friends of amy winehouse are holding a private funeral service in an undisclosed location. meanwhile, british police say an autopsy performed on the 27- year-old singer was inconclusive. investigators will have to wait for the results of toxicology
5:49 am
tests to determine exactly what killed the troubled singer. the coroner does say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. she was found dead saturday inside her north london home. winehouse's parents are thanking her fans for their support. here's what's making news this morning, doctors are trying to save a boy swept away after thunderstorms drenched parts of the mid-atlantic last night. police in pennsylvania say the 12-year-old was playing along the banks of a creek that suddenly filled with rushing water. rescuers pulled him out but at this point, he's reported to be in critical condition. west virginia, residents a packed a hearing about gas drilling in their state. it took place on the campus of west virginia university. an energy company is suing the city of morgantown because city officials have proposed drilling bans in and near the city limits. >> your local post office could be going the way of the dinosaur soon. later this morning, postmaster general releases a list of post offices that are being studied
5:50 am
for possible consolidation. there are about 36 hundred dollar poafses nationwide. this is an effort to save money. they lost $8 billion last year. the clock is ticking on a potential traffic nightmare in parts of virginia and maryland. congressman jim moran is asking the department of defense to expedite a request to add shuttle service from the pentagon to arlington hall. about 1200 government workers will be transferred there as part of the base realignment plan. in maryland, 5800 employees are set to relocate to fort meade. most work at the pentagon now. so, dod is working out an aagreement between vre and marc rail that will let riders transfer between the systems for free. before we head to break, let's look at the question of the morning. >> what do you use your cell phone most for? >> here's a look at one of the responses from our facebook fan
5:51 am
page. daniel lewis wrote c, why make a phone call or send a text when you can tweet your friends. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. >> well, wait until you see this. one man is sure to get tons of attention on a cross-country cycling trip because his ride looks like none you have ever seen. >> plus a visit with some of the radio guys you listen to once you get in your car for the commute to work. jessica? >> back to school time is just around the corner. do you think new pens and pencils will cut it with the kids this year? nope. coming up at 6:06, the gadgets kids are clamoring for. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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gives you more ways to earn points. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. the showers are gone. we've got some fog out there. watch out, some of the stuff is less than a half-mile visibility down toward tappahannock and out in places like culpepper and stafford. by 9:00, temperatures upper 70s to lower 80s. lots of sunshine today. your lunchtime temperatures in the 80s to locally 90 degrees.
5:55 am
with less humidity out there. you can be outside, use the sunscreen. stay hydrated. a lot more bearable than it has been. maybe a couple of sprinkles up in pennsylvania. angie, over to you. oh my goff, ever wonder what smurfette would look like in person? one entertainer was not afraid to make that statement last night on the blue carpet. >> i wanted everyone to make sure that they knew which character i was playing so i decided to have a bedazzled smurfette dress. >> hmm. >> yes, that was a blonde katy perry. the 26-year-old pop star is making her film debut as the voice of smurfette. she wanted to do the movie in part because her parents did not let her watch cartoons growing up. way to rebel, katy. the film opens up on friday. >> to guys who have the distinct pleasure of waking up
5:56 am
dark and early just like us. we got a little one on one radio time recently with wjfk's morning drive team. also known as the sports junkies, lurch, j.p., evie and then kate there in the corner. here's what's keeping it real from the nfl lockout to their producer's epic dandruff problem and even questions about just how good-looking they really are. >> i hate to do this because my hair was just awful. but -- >> don't do it. >> ok. >> what is your opinion of gray-haired guys? >> i love it. very attractive. george clooney. >> they always go to clooney first. >> if i wasn't in the room, what would you say? be honest. >> i like wrinkles. >> you like wrinkles? >> you are every old guy's dream. how old is your husband? >> well, as expected, a lot of
5:57 am
laughs were had there. come fall, wjfk will move their studios to the cbs complex in land um, maryland. a shout out to their producer who came out and shot us having a good time. >> gray hair and wrinkles. you never know what you're going to get with those two. lot of fun. >> thank you, angie. a month-long 3,000 mile cross-country mile trek is underway. roll over america or rome organized a bike ride to promote cycling. >> they'll end up here in washington at the end of august. among them, a bicycle very few people have ever seen before. reporter darren brown introduces us to the oklahoma man who's putting together one egg strav gant ride. >> off we go. >> people slow down to see what it is. everybody takes pictures. >> they take pictures of franz
5:58 am
vander mere's bicycle. of course, it is not just any bicycle. it is a pterovele. it is modeled after other european bikes. he lives in oklahoma city and commutes to guthrie with it. he claims he's gotten it up to 51 miles per hour. >> how did you do that? >> with a little help from gravity downhill. >> but mostly, he travels on flat roads with his own version of speeding and air conditioning. >> the faster you go, the hotter you get. >> his air conditioning unit is this mister. now, you know i couldn't do a story about it without giving it a spin myself. here we go. franz, you're a tall dude, man! oh, my little stumpy legs can barely reach. >> did i make it around the corner and back but the heavy duty speed and maneuvering should be left to the bike's builder. vander mere's motivation for building it was the high cost
5:59 am
of commuting back and forth to work. now, his vehicle is green in more ways than one. >> it is labeled totally as a bicycle. no insurance. no tag. you can go wherever a bicycle can go. >> though his bike was far from free to construct, vander mere's more than pleased with the freedom it provides. darren brown, news 9. wow, that's pretty cool. >> i think it is, too. i hope it is comfortable. >> i grew up in korea and there's a lot of cars and even japan that kind of look like that that are on the road. >> very cool. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. here's angie. she'll be back in a minute. >> i'm surae chinn. andrea is off today. we have howard bernstein with our weather first. we're dropping in temperatures. it will still be a hot afternoon. we have a

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